EU’s Leadership Role in Climate Change Mitigation: How to Reach the 30% Reduction Goal?

January 20, 2010 - 17:15 - 19:00
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Stephen Boucher, Program Director for EU Climate Policies
European Climate Foundation
Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP)
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Europe has sought over the past few years to set international climate negotiations on a virtuous path by setting a constructive example. It agreed in 2008 objectives for the reduction of greenhouse gases that were, certainly at the time, the most ambitious worldwide. It has developed a coherent set of policies and tools, including the European Emission Trading System. Yet, in Copenhagen, whatever 'leadership' Europe has failed to secure an international deal. The key question now for Europe is whether it can stick to its goal of 30% of emissions reductions by 2020 and how it can achieve that goal.

About the speaker:
Stephen Boucher is ECF program director for EU climate policies, in Brussels. Before joining the foundation, Stephen spent four years as co-manager of Notre Europe, a Paris-based think tank dedicated to European unity. His focus there was on energy policy, deliberative democracy, and think tanks. He has published several books and studies on these issues and organised the first-ever pan-European deliberative poll. Stephen was previously adviser on European and international affairs for the Belgian Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and before that a consultant in lobbying and EU affairs in Brussels and London.

About the European Climate Foundation:

The European Climate Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that aims to promote climate and energy policies that greatly reduce Europe's greenhouse gas emissions and helps Europe play an even stronger international leadership role in mitigating climate change.

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