Challenge Europe climate advocates present Climate Office

On April 29, 2009, the Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy hosted an exciting presentation by the Hungarian "Challenge Europe" team, a group of young climate advocates.

In the framework of the "Low Carbon Futures - Challenge Europe" program, groups of young influencers aged 18-35, many of them students, are working in several European countries as climate advocates. They are sponsored by the British Council to come up with at least 3 new projects per country and year to address the most urgent global challenge we face today: climate change.

Viktor Friedmann, a PhD student at Central European University, and Ákos Lukács from Szent István University of Gödöllő, together with further members of the Hungarian team of climate advocates, presented their projects and the background of Challenge Europe. A special focus of the presentation was on their biggest project to date, the Climate Office.

The idea of the "Klímairoda", as the Climate Office is called in Hungarian, is to reach young people in their educational institutions to spread knowledge and advice on climate-related issues and involve students in climate protection activities. The first Climate Office was opened in March 2009 at the University of Gödöllő, and the Challenge Europe team aims to develop this into a countrywide network. The office also wants to set an example of climate-friendly behaviour itself, being built according to highly sustainable principles and aiming to operate in a completely carbon-neutral manner.

The presentation, which is available for download below, was followed by a lively discussion with the eager audience. More information on the Climate Office can be found on its own website:

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