Energy poverty in Hungary and Bolivia

On November 27, 2009, 3CSEP researcher Sergio Tirado Herrero took part along with Marco A. Gandarillas Gonzáles, Executive Director of the Center of Documentation and Information Bolivia, in an open talk about energy poverty in Hungary and Bolivia. The discussion followed the viewing of a short film about the life of Bolivian rural communities located in the proximities of oil and gas wells. It revolved around the differences in the meaning of energy poverty in both countries and the role of energy suppliers and governmental institutions. The event was organized and moderated by Eszter Kovách (Védegylet, Hungary) and took place in Merlin Theater, Budapest.

Sergio Tirado Herrero has been researching fuel poverty with a particular focus on Hungary both for his PhD dissertation and within a dedicated research project, the final report of which is going to be published shortly.