Changing Behaviour toolkit launched

As a culmination of the three-year research project "Changing Behaviour", the project consortium has launched MECHanisms, a practical online resource aimed at project managers working in intermediary organisations promoting change in energy behaviour, primarily on the local level. Together with their partners from various European countries, 3CSEP researchers worked on creating a toolkit that aims to provide a systematic approach to designing, implementing and evaluating energy projects.  To produce the MECHanisms, researchers and practitioners from the consortium used an extensive analysis of the literature, a database of 100 projects, a detailed meta-analysis of 27 case studies, interviews with 24 intermediary organisations, feedback from 170 energy practitioners, as well as six pilot projects.

MECHanisms aims to help both experienced and inexperienced energy project managers. If you are just starting, it provides a systematic approach for you to understand, plan and implement, and evaluate and learn. If you have years of experience, MECHanisms aims to offer tools for you to rethink your practice in order to:

  • challenge and deepen your understanding of your target group and context
  • widen the range of approaches and tools you use in your projects
  • engage your target group and stakeholders in continual evaluation and learning
  • enhance your organisation’s capacity to create deeper and more lasting changes in your community 

All the resources are totally free, and are translated into Hungarian, German and Greek as well.